Over MobileTrack

MobileTrack is the leading company of location based services (LBS) and solutions. The MobileTrack services are available as white labeled solutions, based on the Mobile Universal Gateway (MUG), which are hardware, devices, protocol, system and technology independent.

For example the MUG Platform supports and combines technology like GPS, Rfid, Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, UWB, Mobile data, Simcard and other (future) technology to pinpoint the in and outdoor location of a person, object or vehicle.

The MUG is a high end open system and supports emergency call centres like the police, ambulance, healthcare and security call centres. The graphical part as mapping, management information, logging and algorithm is supported by the Online Portal.

Beside the Track Trace services in security, safety, healthcare, fleet and industry, MobileTrack is also specialized in special projects and business cases with LBS technology which includes for example sales, marketing, gaming, advertising, services, LBS apps development and social network solutions.

The special division MobileTrack Heavy Industries operates global and specialised in the high end critical communications and applications.

MobileTrack has a strong research & development team to develop if necessary the proper solution for the customer e.g MtagBeacon, MtagDwaaldetectie, MtagBOXPrivate, MtagBT, LBS/LWP apps, Zorgriem, HartVeiligWonen, PortoPlus, SmartConnect etc